99 Words

Number 44

I couldn't believe how tall he was-- nearly as tall as our ship was long. And, he wielded a sword. Floating in space about a kilometer ahead of us and slowly approaching, he was majestic. He wore robes that fluttered from his movement within the vacuum.

He raised his sword when we were within range. It was huge-- two or three hundred feet at least. It glowed an eerie green against his stark, gray face cortorted with bitterness and anger. The downward momentum didn't carry any sound in space until it smashed into our hull. We were killed outright.

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A Word

99 Words is a pet project I started in 2011 when at college. The idea was that I didn't have time for writing, but still had passing fancies, visions, plot ideas, and the like. Instead of tossing them to the wayside, I came up with a plan to turn those notes into little chunkules of text, each 99 words long. This is section is still updated.