Stuff That's Here

Here, on my little space on this roomy server, you'll find my endeavors into three-dimensional computer-generated art, some first crawlings toward playable, interactive fiction games, and fiction and non-fiction writings.

An old, somewhat-updated livejournal lives here, and I've begun an Emacs-related Tumblr account.


I'm Mark Burger, a graduate with a degree in the exciting field of Computer Science. I like programming, writing, science fiction, and computer-generated imagery. As an antiquarian, I like old programs, old writings, old science fiction and retro computer-generated imagery. There's probably more to be said about myself, but I'm not as interesting as Simon Tatham, Jamie Zawinksi, or Leonard Richardson. Now those are some people you can stalk.

Also, way, way back, I wrote a random name generator. The randomizer wasn't properly portable, so when tested in Linux, it made a variety of names. When I compiled it for Windows, it kept printing "Zesago". I thought it was pretty catchy, so, that's my name. Also, my other handle, ScottishPig, is more than ten characters and tends to get truncated when using certain services (like SDF). It came from a misheard line in the world-famous nineteen-seventies T.V. movie S.O.S. Titanic. I'm not kidding.