Mark's Fire-Roasted Salsa Blog


Hello, reader!

Here's a little corner of the Internet where I write about one of my many loves: salsa. Not the dance... I'm talking about the stuff that you carry into your mouth via chip or spoon. I love spicy foods but don't really have a face or personality for YouTube, so I figured I'd try my hand at writing funny articles about the new salsas I try.

Do you have a salsa you want me to rate? Do you make salsa that you want me to try? Drop me an email at mburger2 at gmail (put "salsablog" in the subject).

Regarding Rankings

Salsas on this blog are rated according to their flavor, viscosity, and heat on a scale from 1 (boo!) to 5 (ultimate salsa utopia). Each of those elements are then averaged equally to generate an overall score. Here's a breakdown for what I mean by each:

Enough rowdydow, let's get to it...

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